Dive into Mafia

Pole Pole's affiliated dive center, Mafia Island Diving, offers a wide variety of dive opportunities to suit all tastes.

You can be as adventurous or as laidback as you like.

Main Dives


All Year Round

Just a stone's throw away from the dive center, we have the opportunity to explore macro paradise. Every inch of the seashore is rich with the weird and the wonderful.

A variety of topographies and flora,  home to a range of critters from cuttlefish to seahorses, you name it. With over 100 different nudibranch species so far identified and a variety of crabs, shrimps, and strange fish-  these dive sites are unusual and special and definitely worth a wander.


All Year Round

Outside the safe confines of Chole bay, Mafia offers a small variety of deeper dive sites for those experienced divers looking for something a little more challenging.


All Year Round

Scuba diving within Chole bay is a fantastic, colorfully exuberant experience accompanied by hoards of fish, all with different shapes, colors, and sizes. The waters surrounding Mafia Island offer an extraordinary variety of marine diversity, with over 400 species of fish, 5 species of marine turtle, and 48 species of coral. The majority of these being sighted within 30 minutes boat ride of the center.




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